Vision, Mission and Objectives


To ensure women’s participation in all the development process

Vision Explained: BPVS believes that women participation is essential for sustainability of the programmes. It also believes in giving priority to underprivileged and marginalised groups in its interventions.


Transformation and development of the people and area through participatory approach and practices on sustainable basis

Mission Explained: The organisation facilitates the development process of empowerment through promotion of education and community mobilisation.


Socio-economic, health, education, water sanitation and cultural development of small and marginal farmers, poor and helpless villagers

  • To promote livelihood of poor, small and marginalised farmers facing problems due to climate change
  • To improve health status of the community
  • To educate and create awareness among community for family planning and reproductive and child health
  • To educate and create awareness about basic human rights and development needs of the community
  • To organise and empower community for disaster risk reduction, relief and rehabilitation and management team (especially flood, fire, cold, drought and COVID-19)
  • To create awareness among community members for elimination of human trafficking, child labour and child marriage